The Light

This short narrative was inspired (at the spur of the moment) while watching the "Jar of Hearts" video. It's about a girl who gets back at the one who took the light from her eyes.

She sat in her room, the drapes covering the windows like stone walls. She had no desire to see the sunlight dance across her room like it did in days past. The light had gone from her eyes and she wanted to rest of her tiny world to sink into the darkness with her. He had done this to her. He had taken a bit of the light every time he betrayed her and now her world was as black as his soul. He cared for nothing else but his own happiness and disregarded the hearts of others as he took what he wanted.

Her days and nights ran together endlessly. Over time her mind lifted from the depths of misery to rage. That rage gave her the strength to rip down the stone, allowing the light to rain down over her like a storm. Rage pushed her from the doorway of her world and back into his. It stripped her morals and replaced them with fire that seared and destroyed.

He never expected to feel the fire, especially not from her. His eyes met hers as a wicked grin stretched across her face. Fire and thunder tore through him, the pain pulling him to the ground. Standing over him, she whispered something to herself and watched as the light disappeared from his eyes.

The End

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