The Life Socket.

A collaborative story of an electric socket that brings whatever is plugged into it alive! Please try your hand at a chapter.

            Zig was suddenly awake!  He thought he heard talking.  It sounded like it was in the room!  He suddenly realized that it must’ve been a dream.  He lay back down and rolled over towards the wall.

            Four in the morning,” he thought, “I’ve still got a couple hours before the sun comes up.  I just wish I would stop dreaming!  I really would like some-” But he was cut short by what sounded like small whispers again.  He listened closer.  There it was again.  They really were whispers and they sounded like they were coming from his desk!  He listened even closer now…

            “Put that down!  It doesn’t belong to you.  If you’re not quiet he’s sure to unplug us both!”  Zig couldn’t believe his ears!  Was he actually hearing voices coming from somewhere on his desk?  Was he dreaming his ferrets were talking again?  He quickly got up and rushed out of his room and into the bathroom across the hall.  startled, he took a few deep breathes, calmed himself down, told himself he was simply dreaming, and then cautiously returned to the door of his room.  He opened it a crack, peered in and listened… he heard nothing.

            Whew, it must have really been just a dream.” He thought. “That’s a relief.”  He then finished opening the door, crawled into bed, and fell asleep.  Nothing was said again for the rest of the night… at least, that’s what he thought.


The End

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