Our First day of Pre-school

'Yes, yes, I walked into the nursury with my head held high and my my hair very neat and tidy...'

*coughs* 'liar!'

'Did you say something, Paul?'

'Nothing at all!'

'Well then, I walked in and came accross a little boy who was crying and had snot dribbling everywhere, he was drowning in the goldfish pond--'

'That never happened! I'll tell you the REAL story. I walked into the nursery very happily, with MY hair very neat and tidy. When I saw a boy, a year older than me, in the sand-pit crying and had HIS snot dribbling everywhere--'

'It was YOUR snot dribbling!'

'I had a runny nose from my cold the day before! You were bawling your eyes and out and I came to comfort you. You said you had no friends and were a lonely little chappy. So I became friends with you so you'd stop crying. You then followed me around like a lost little puppy and still do to this day!!'

'Now, now, Paul. Thats all a lie! This is what really went down; I saw the snivelling kiid drowning so I ripped off my clothes and my super-man outfit was on. I flew into the sky and---'

'Uff! You little lying pipsqueak! You know that never happened you little--'

This story has been prosponed due to Paul and Bob throwing rude and crude insults at eachother.


Are you two better now??

'Yes...' 'Yes.'

Please continue

'Fine. I was the snotty brat who fell over in the sand-pit and it was Paul who came to save me from being ever-lonely and I still following him like a duckling to it's mother.'

*NODS* 'Well done, Bob. You learned how to speak the truth. What a great achievment!!'

That wraps up the start of the story. Please stay tuned in for the next Life of Paul and Bob!!

The End

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