Kokopelli Meets A Giant

This what I imagine my first day with my Koko kitty must have been like from her point of view.

On the day that my life changed forever, I was out looking for Momma.  She hadn’t come home and I was getting very hungry.  I kept calling for her, but she wouldn’t answer.  I had only one option; I must find her.

I went to the opening of the den.  It was so bright beyond the portal.  I stuck my head out.  It was all so big and open and scary.  I thought seriously about staying where I was with the familiar dirt floor and wooden ceiling and comforting darkness, but the insistent growl of my stomach pushed me to continue.

I had to find Momma.  I followed her scent across an expanse of green that tickled my belly.  Suddenly the green stopped.  I had come to a hard surface.  It was as black as my spots and looked like a bunch of pebbles hanging on to each other.  I touched it with a paw and it was hot.

I didn’t want to walk on it but Momma’s scent went out onto it.  I had barely started onto it when a great white growling beast ran up and almost stepped on me.  I was so mad that I arched my back and hissed.  It stopped.  I thought it would turn around and eat me.  Then it did something strange.  It spit another beast out of its side.

The new beast walked on two legs instead of four, and as it got closer, I almost broke my neck looking up.  It bent towards me and I could see two huge dark eyes looking at me beneath a strange yellow nose.  It scooped me up in its massive front paws and made funny sounds.  It was so huge and I was so little, my struggles were not even noticed.

A very short time later, this massive creature gave me a bath.  Not like when Momma used her tongue, but got me wet all over all at once.  This creature made me so mad.  I hissed and yelled and called for Momma.  All the while it kept making funny sounds.  Then it took something rough and rubbed it all over my body to dry me off.  I kind of liked it.

The giant then gave me something edible.  It had a taste not too different from mouse insides.  Finally, the creature laid back and put me on its big warm belly.  I was full, I was clean, I was warm, and I was exhausted.  I didn’t find Momma, but as I drifted off to sleep, I thought that this could work out okay.

The End

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