the Life of Johnathan Stratford;Teen Spy

John Stratford is a mere teenager, but what is his life about? From babysitting a young Remus Carter, to attending an unusual school where he falls in love, see how his life takes him through everyday teenage struggles for this quiet, intelligent teen, who doesn't seem to always fit in. Confused? It'll make sewnse when you read it

                                                       Chapter One: the Start of my Story

I had always wondered how Joshua always got the girls.

He wasn't nice to anyone, he was cocky, stuck up, snooty, and bloody jerk. He always got girls to go to bed with him, even the girl with her nose in a science fiction book. I never understood that, not once.

But puberty is a strange world. A very strange world. It makes secondary school a madhouse, turns life upside down. And, when you think you have it under control, your hormones just through you off balance again, and you turn into a prat.

Just like Joshua.

Jedidiah was my rare friend, though. I know thats kind of off topic (well, its really off topic) but he understood what I meant. Moon Johnsons Spy Academy for Teens was a madhouse when a guy wanted one of the few girls that were at school.

I had my eye on one girl alone, however.

Her name was Emily van Dorffer. I know, she had a stupid last name, and she was a nerd, and she was one of two girls who despised Joshua. I made mistakes in my work, I fumbled, blushed, said stupid stuff, every time I was around her. Yet, Emily would be mine before the school year ended. I was going to write her a note, asking her to the formal dance at the end of the year (a mere few weeks away). I was willing to do whatever it took. Do I sound crazy? Yes, but I'm a spy, I'm willing to try for all I was worth.

At the end of the day, I snuck down to Mr. And Mrs. Anderson's office. See, this might sound odd, but they're kin of mine. Well, Angela Anderson is. James Anderson only was, due to his marrying of my cousin Angela.But they were good company, and I had one friend, who kept getting sick and highly doubted he was coming out of the Hospital Center in his condition (he had a rather nasty bout of influenza).

"Hello James, Angela." I said, getting a warm hug. I saw a shy little girl in the corner, about the same age as the boy I babysat for in the summer. "Hello there, I don't believe we've met before."

"John, this is my daughter, Amie. She's been living with my ex-wife in America. Amie, this is Angela's cousin John. He's a nice guy."

"Hi." Amie said shyly.

"How old are you?" I asked, smiling.

"I'm almost nine." Amie said. "How old are you?"

"I'm 16." I said, sitting down. "Where exactly do you live in America?"

New York City." Amie said. I recognized the accent from Mortimer Rider, who rarely used his American accent. He, too, was another rare friend I had. As was Moon Johnson the XXXVI or something like that. He  inherited the Headmaster position last year, and was the first person I met.

 "I'm from London." James said.

"Me, too." Angela said. I just smiled, but said nothing. Ironically enough, I'm from Stratford-upon-Avon, but I don't really like to talk about my family. See, I don't exacly like my family. The only reason I started babysitting a nine year old genius named Remus Carter, was because I wanted to get out of my house. My parents abuse me. And I don't mean just physical. They got emotionally abusive too. I hated home, but never had the guts to really  run away. Mr. Carter (my babysitters father) offerred me a place to stay, but Remus was one of 5 children, and I wasn't sure that he and his wife were exactly done having children. I didn't want to take up the space, and I certanly didn't want to be a burden (seeing as my parents thought of me as such). They were such nice, kind, caring people. Although, his house was certianly big enough (he did have space for me, and two more children at least, due to the remodling of his basement) I didn't want to make life more difficult for the Carter's, whose eldest ( their son) was twelve, and attended school, along with their 11 year old daughter.

That night, in my room in the school, I slept horridly. Whenever a discussion comes up about people's origins, I have nightmares about my family. Ususally, the abuse signs stop after I've been in school a few weeks, but the nightmares brought them back. They always did, but this time it was much worse.

It was really obvious, when the Headmaster tried to high-five me, and I violently flinched back from his hand. He looked confused.Mr. Anderson looked worried, and Joshua just laughed.

"What, is Headmasters's hand too scary for little Johnny?" He taunted. Emily looked mad, and it embarrassed me that she was there.My cheeks fburned, and tears welled up in my eyes. Mortimer attempted to distract the school (which was staring at me) but failed. I grabbed a piece of toast, called him something ( I don't remember what  I said today, but I wish I did) and left, Headmaster roaring with laughter at my bravery and Joshua's look of astonishment that I'd do such a thing

The End

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