The Life of John Smith

An exercise in school today entailed the use of the present tense capturing the monotony and transience and altogether meaningless-ness (if that's even a word) of life in a short story.
This is the end result.
I know I haven't written in a while I've been kinda busy so here ya go, something to keep up the interest/appetite/whatever :P

John Smith is born in London on October 13th 1984. He has no siblings. His parents live in a flat on the 14th floor. The builder was superstitious and refused to build a 13th. John learns this and does not believe in bad luck.

The father is a banker. He spends a lot of time away. John does not like his mother very much. She brings too many men home. John is bullied at school. He is not happy. One day he claws a bully's eye and stamps on his head. The bully loses three teeth and does not remember what happened. John does. He is not caught.

He drinks too much when he turns 16 and is hit by a car. He survives once the doctors get his lungs working again. He likes the nurse. They sleep together after he is released from the ward. She is a med student. John decides to study medicine at university.

John goes home one day. He is 19. His father is angry. His mother is crying. Her lover is dead. Parents fight. Father kills mother and jumps from the 14th floor balcony. John stops calling it the 13th floor. 

John takes out a student loan and goes to university. He suffers from depression. He finishes 6 years med school. It is 2008. He cannot find work. The recession is hitting him hard. Before long he follows his parents off the balcony of his flat.

The End

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