Chapter One

This is something I started writing about 2 years ago, and never finished (long story).
So, Jessica Rivers has had her whole life turned upside down because of a nasty rumour. She has no friends, and her life is hell. Until she meets Connor. He shows her a new world, one where everything is different.
Here goes my first chapter...

Jessica Rivers had spent three months in hell. She had lost all her friends because of a rumour that she had slept with a guy, which wasn’t even true. That guy was her friend, Rachel’s boyfriend. Her other friends, Sarah and Katie, had also ditched her. Her life had changed drastically in a week, and had stayed like that for the following months. But the next month was nothing she expected.

It all started with a doorbell ringing. Jessica was getting ready to go shopping with her Mom. Her younger brother, Sam, answered the door, asking: “Can I help you”…

“Hey Jess, it’s for you!”

“Very funny Sam. Go to hell.” Jessica replied, knowing no one would want to see her.

“No seriously, it’s our neighbours.”

“Oh, right. Sorry, I’ll be right there.” Jessica ran down the stairs to see Doug and Peter Manning, the twins which were Sam’s best friends.

“Jess, you always fall for that”

“Ugh, stop being so annoying, you idiot”

“Yeah, yeah… Go see if mom’s is ready for your trip to the mall”

“Sure, Sammy, I’ll tell mummy you want your lollipop”

Doug chuckled.

“Let’s just go” Peter said. Peter had always been quiet and mysterious around Jessica. While Doug had always spoken to her cheerily and easily, Peter had only spoken to her once or twice.

When they had left, Jessica went into the living room to wait for her mother. She was in a bad mood after her brother’s attempt to a prank.

“Jess, honey, get ready to go” Shouted mom in her frilly voice.

“I am ready to go, mom! I’m waiting for you.”

Her mom appeared at the door with a purple dress, a black coat and black heels. Lily Rivers was a thin but unusually short woman. She had curly blond hair and serious brown eyes. She was pretty, but had always a formal look. If you looked at Jessica and Lily together, you would have thought they were friends or aunt and niece, but never mom and daughter. Jessica was also thin, but was average height. She had brown hair (which she inherited from her father) and green eyes (also inherited from her father). She was used to being told that she looked nothing like her mother and in every way like her father. When these women (mostly elderly) looked at Sam they said that he was the exact replicate of her mother, and that his blond hair was so cute and curly, and that his brown eyes were so innocent. This annoyed Jessica, as she was never the loved one in the family, the one who got all the good presents.

The End

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