Of course people came in with flowers and presents! There were flowers in vases on the bedside table and my mom even brought in a dog and said that it as ours and I can name her. She had two different colored eyes one brown and the other blue. I named her Annabelle. My brother and sister tried more english but ended up sounding like a drunken man with slurred words. I was starting to actually warm up to Finland. There was plenty of pain killers and I was scared of the surgery. No one would tell me what they were going to do. I still don't know.They were going to fix my skull though. A boy named Aatso came to visit me. He was from my school. "Kuulin, mitä tapahtui, okei?" 'I heard what happened, are you okay?' He was sweet. His hair was brown like mine and we had similar personalitys. "Minun täytyy mennä pian, halusin, että tämä." 'I have to leave soon, I want you to have this.' He pulled out a music box. It was clear and you could see how everything worked. I took it into my hand that trembled. I still have that music box to this day. It was the most precious gift to me. It played the tune "Lofsöngur" which is Iceland's national anthem. I sung the words for it was only the instrumental. 

"Þakka þér." I said in my native tounge Aatso looked at me weird which caused me to laugh. "Kiitos." I then said. He understood and I was sad when his mom came by and picked him up. I just kept playing the music box. It was only the first part of the anthem but I still loved it. I put it beside me and fell asleep.


How is my English? I've been taking classes to help me!


The End

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