Hospital Notes

It wasn't easy being in the hospital. I had constant headaches and missed out on a lot of things. As I was cleaning out and going through all of my old notebooks I found something I wrote while I was in the hospital. 

Það er sárt. Ég get ekki hreyft, hugsa, eða jafnvel reyna að standa. Hendur mínar skjálfa skrifa þetta sem ég er að vonast að þetta er veikur martröð. Martröðum ekki til though. Aðeins draumar gera. - Eyjalín

That was written in Icelandic. The proper thing in English is, 

It hurts. I can't move, think, or even attempt to stand. My hands tremble writing this as I'm hoping this is a sick nightmare. NIghtmares don't exist though.Only dreams do.  - Eyjalín

Although it was hard I really knew that my parents and family were trying their hardest and knew what they were doing. That's all for now. Sorry for not updating sonner.  

The End

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