Soul Guð Save My

    After everyone was inside, Anna and I ran a race on who could get in first. When I woke up, they told me while we were running I tripped over a suitcase and then my head hit the sharp edge of the hard granite counter causing my skull to go inwards. They did tell me that it was 3 weeks I been sleeping. The hospital smelt like flowers as to cover up the trama behind all of the doors with a pleasant smell. My mom was holding my hand looking at me with tears falling from her soft, kind, blue eyes. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a messy bun. You might be wondering, 'Where was my dad?'. My dad was off somewhere else because he had cheated on my mom. Just like how Colin did to Mariah in Keeping Faith. I really loved that book. My sister even brought it with her knowing I would probably want to read it. Anna had claimed that it was her fault any of this had happened. It was really the luggages fault though. Well, who ever placed it there. While at the hospital, some of my friends from Iceland came to see me. I was sad to not be able to propraly sit up without feeling dizzy. But I was happy in the comfort of my friends.

(Short chapter. The title is 'God Save My Soul')

The End

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