I remember stuffing food in my pockets at dinner, mashing it in my hair, or re arranging it on my plate to make it look like I ate more than I actually did. What I didn't like, was when my brother and sister came to visit. My brothers name was Owen. He was tall and had blonde hair that went off to the side of his forehead. My sister, Anna, had blonde hair past her shoulders and he bangs were pinned back by a barette. My mom had made me wear a yellow dress with pink flowers. I had white tights that went along with yellow flats. My brown hair that didn't math my blonde eyebrows was pulled back into a neat braid. I was pretty pale as my sister and brother were more tan. 

"Ay Eyjalín, how you do?" My brothers English was all melted together and wrapped in a butter and caramel tone. That's when I know they were learning English. I smiled and gave her m a thumbs up. We all knew English but we never really spoke it since it sounded weird. My sister then spoke, "Sand place?" She didn't know the word was 'beach' like I did. 

"Beach." I corrected. Anna headed out the door while I followed. 

"Pretty." She pointed at the sun set that painted the sky as if the painter of it chose gentle strokes filled with care to bring warmth and delit to our hearts. I nodded as I watched the yellow and orange clash together. The sand tickled are toes falling loosely between them. I heard a car engine stop. It was the reason why I moved to Finland. My grandma, who had been in the hospital, was in a wheelchair being pushed by my grandpa. Her face had scars and her arms had needles taped in place. I don't know what it's called but there were two tubes that ran up her nose that was attached to a silver thing that looked heavy. I saw my Aunt and Uncle step out of the back. They all headed into the small house. My sisters fave was softly lifhted by the colors in the sky that then turned to darkness as white dots came forming pictures.

( I feel weird for not knowing what eve thing is ;-; I have another book named Glass Eye e if anyone wants to check it out.)



The End

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