(Please ignore my wonky English in some things)

    Of course being the new girl, I was 'Popular' for about a week. A lot of people came asking to be my friend. I don't exactly know who but I remember a girl named Elena who was my best friend. We had this little group consisting of Elena, Tide, Cody, Kailynn , and me. We were the outcasts of the school but I did teach them some Icelandic along with the other students. Kailynn would be doing my hair as it grew down to my hipbone because it grows amazingly fast. She would put it in pigtails, braids, fishtail braids, everything. All my friends were at least just a couple months older than me which means they would go to Basic Education before me. The Finnish school system went like this: 6 year old's - Primary School 7-16 year old's - Basic Education. I don't remember the rest. When I got home we were all unpacked. I would head up the painted white stairs into the study room and do my homework. It was the same thing for 6 months but eventually my birthday came and I advanced into Basic Education. I got to be with my friends but saw they had moved on. All except Elena. She knew my birthday so well. September 6th. She waited at the doors and once I walked in, she jumped on me. Kailynn, Tide, and Cody, were hanging out with people who looked very sassy. 'Probably Popular.' I thought to myself. Elena ripped my schadual (I don't know how to spell.) out of my hands and began hualing me towards Geography glass. 

   I had always adored Elena. She talked to people freely, she was tall, skinny, pretty. But me. I was to shy, short, and a little more chubby. I still am. Little did I know, She was going to throw a birthday party for me at the beach inviting the popular people. I stood there like a stiff stick in a one-piece bathing suit sticking out from everyone else who wore a two-piece. At school the next day, they started teasing me with how fat I was. That's how I began starving myself.

(Sorry it's short and not that great or good. Sorry for grammar mistakes. I'm still wonky in English.)

The End

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