This is just a little story of how my life changed over the course of 2 years.

       Waves crashed against the shore creating noises that were peaceful unlike how it was in the daytime. People would scream and yell running around the place their feet leaving foot prints in the sand. I sat on a big rock near my little house. My red converse were right next to me along with my book 'Keeping Faith' . I was waiting for my mom to get me for dinner which is usually noodles in corn since we first moved in. My older brother, Owen, and older sister, Anna, were still in Iceland since they were both 18 and live in an apartment in the nordic country. 

""Eyjalín! Illallinen!" 'Eyjalín! Dinner!" My mom's Finnish was kinda sloppy since speaking Icelandic for years. Being only six, it was hard to leave most of my family behind knowing it was going to be a while before I see them again. I grabbed my shoes and book as I heard my feet make a soft thud against the stone ans I walked up the wooden polished stairs. Many boxes were inside the house with two beds pushed up against the wall. A steel gray rack hung above my bed with some of my stuffed animals on it. The blue fluffy blanket was falling off the corner from not making it in the morning. My mom's bed was all made up neat with a quilt home made by my grandma. She placed both of our bowls on the granite counter with a clank. My mom's name was Jaylen. She had her blonde hair pulled back using bobby pins and hair ties. Her eyes were glossed over like she was going to cry. Her blonde hair was different from my dyed brown hair with the ends teal and purple. Yes, my mom let me dye my hair at age 4. I wanted to be different from most people. I couldn't help but notice how her hand trembled when she ate and how the house seemed gloomy. Deciding to ignore it, I went upstairs to the study room. The study room's floor was a white carpet and the walls were white to. A polished light wooden desk was there with multiple books about The Finnish language and Finland's history. A picture of e and my friends all wearing winter jackets was there with me in the middle since I wasn't exactly the tallest person. I sat down on the white painted chair and began studying for my first day of school tomorrow.

       When I got to school, I had to introduce myself to everyone which was a problem because when I was in Iceland I feel off the stage while singing a song. "Nimeni on Eyjalín. Islannista ja odotan että ystäväsi." 'My name is Eyjalín. I'm from Iceland and look forward to being your friend.' I had made friends pretty quickly but with my shy nature I ended up pushing them away. That's how the first week of school went. 

The End

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