Never ending

16th July 1666

I haven’t left my dead body for days. If I went back out Alice would find me. And if she found me I would have to start a fire that could destroy everything I’ve grown up with. I just couldn’t do that. I would also kill people. No way would I do that.

I heard a noise above me. Alice. I could tell.

“Cassie, I know that you’re in there” she spoke calmly but it was too calm for my liking. I got up and appeared before her. “Look, if you really don’t want to do it then I will understand but I’m not sure your master will”

          I pulled a face. Argh. Master. I have no master. I am my own master. No way would I answer to him.

          “Cassie, if you don’t do this the future of not just London but the UK will be put at stake. London needs to change. If you do it then London changes and you become one of the most powerful spirits. You will be known worldwide. And then you also get to appear before humans with no connection to your world. You get to talk to them, help them. You could even take over from the master” Alice said it all with hardly any breath. She said it so fast I almost had to ask her to repeat it.

          Me, becoming in charge. I would love to do that. Well maybe one little job I could do.

          No. I can’t do that. But I could learn. Pooh. Stuck in two minds in what to do. Alice watched me as I had a mental argument with myself.

In the end the devil won out. Alice saw the change in my expression.

“So, will you be changing London?” she put her words together carefully.

I plucked up enough courage and replied.

“Alice you know that I would never let you down. And I think it would be nice to be top instead of bottom” My voice was quiet but powerful.

“Very good, now let’s get going. Could I have a lift home?”

I was not talking to her again so I just nodded. My mind was to full of ideas.

London was about to burn. And under my eye. And I get to start it. London will be burnt.  Did I ever say I liked change? Well normally, no, but if I get to do it I love change! Watch out London here I come and I will change you.

I will win ‘MASTER’!

The End

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