Heaven or Hell

June 21st 1666

          I looked round. I was on the floor. I had no idea where about though. I got up. As I looked round I recognized a face. Alice. Oh with Alice this would be better. I can just see what we will be doing together.

          Wait. Alice. Alice can’t be dead. She…She’s in the Cotswalds. I moved closer to her. The room becoming more familiar to me with each step. As I got to Alice I finally figured it out. I was in our house. Home.

          But I have been here for a year. How can I still be here? I need to leave. I made to leave through the door but then stopped. The date. What was the date?

`        Alice watched me look round but said nothing. I searched and finally found a newspaper. 21st June 1666 it said. That meant I had been out for 24 days.

          Great so I get knocked out for 24 days then come back. It’s not like I had any unfinished business. I had done it all so what was left. Save the world from a great tragedy? Yeah, like I was going to do that. I’m only 9. Well 10 but I’m stuck in a 9 year old body.

          Alice just watched me as I went crazy. She said nothing but I could see questions were forming by the way she looked at me. Why did I have to stay? It’s been bad enough to have to stay for 1 year now I’m stuck…till…well I have no idea. It could be forever. Great. So that one important question. Why am I here?

          “Cassie, I can see you don’t want to be here” Alice finally said. Did my face really give up that much?

“But I know why you came back,” how could she know that. I didn’t know myself. How could she possibly know?

“I can tell you want to know, well, you know that I have a connection to spirits,” I nodded “well I got told by this one spirit that visited me that you would come back. It wasn’t any spirit. It’s the master of you guys. He brought you back and told me to tell you why and what you have to do.” I nodded again, wanting to know everything.

“He brought you back because he wants you to… you have to trust me on this… he wants you to save London… but in order to do that you have to…um… start a fire.” I stared at her in shock. Start a fire. I can barely talk to a human let alone touch human things. “He told me how to do it. It’s very simple you just have to practice. He said it will only kill a few but save London for a long time. Please Cassie. Please do it”

           I just stared. How on earth was I meant to start a fire? I can’t even… how could I do it. I had to get out and think. I thought of the spot on the river. On the short trip it felt harder to do than normal. I looked round the river bank and saw why. Alice had taken I ride with me. Great just what I needed. No, how could I think with her here? I can’t do it. I left to go where I go when I get fed up. The darkness of my body.

The End

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