Last day

May 28th 1666

          One day I tossed my feelings in the back of my head. But I couldn’t lock them away. I could feel them eating me up inside. I knew they would escape. Never would I be able to forget them. Only now that I knew my family was broken, did I feel I needed them.

          I needed them. I wanted my family together. I wanted everyone now. I had nothing left but had everything at the same time.

          Now with life over it all makes sense. Finding peace would be hard. If I did I would have to put up with plague victims. They would be moaning on how the cures didn’t work. How people treated them. I would be ignored. I would have no say. I would be the last person they asked.

           I would not be able to put up with that. I would need my family. And then I knew they would be with me but now I don’t know. Dad probably will, but he would bring someone else as well into this. Her name would hurt like a bow through the heart. Well no one would be able to stop that. I have no idea when Alice, Edward and Mum will come. Now that they are in the Cotswalds I had to guess if they would turn up. But now for my time to end.


          1 minute to say good bye. On the river. Watching it hit the banks. Watching the moon. Peaceful. Death is not. It might be after you go to heaven but not if you have to stay on earth for a year.

          Well here after 1 year of extra time on earth. Here now on the day I died I will be going to a dream. I will make new friends and I will begin to heel after so long of being wounded.

           So one last good bye. Good bye to my family. I will never see you again if you don’t go this year. I will be stuck with all the people who died in 1666 or only just found peace and I won’t have you.

          I walked right to the middle of the river. I stood there for a few seconds.

“Good bye” I whispered into the night’s cold air. Blackness covered me. Black and cold.

          Darkness that I would live in now.

The End

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