March 29th 1666

    Only 2 more months of this. 2 months for me to find peace. I couldn’t find it here. I would have to go somewhere else, but I couldn’t. I had been drawn to London. I had a chance to find peace, but the pull from my family made me come here for a year.

    It was for the best I thought but then I had to put up with all that. The people dying. Unbearable pain everywhere. If my family did not want me back so badly than I would have gone to another place for a year.

   I walked slowly on to the river. I didn’t go through the water. I looked down and saw the blue sky reflected in the river. A blue sky with no clouds. I longed for the sun to touch my pale skin. I wanted to see my reflection in the water. The water to feel cold on my skin. I needed it all. If I was going to last these 2 months I needed more than just watching.

   I closed my eyes and lay down on the blue surface, still not feeling any thing on my skin.  I couldn’t feel the wind. I knew there was wind for I could hear it. I shut my eyes tighter and listened harder.

    Nothing interesting to listen to. I looked at the sun. Screams. I jumped up, but it was too late I was already at the scene. People turning round to look at the person screaming. I saw that no one went to  help her. I walked over to the woman on the floor. I bent down enough to see blood all over the floor.

   It looked painful. The blood was coming from somewhere on her arm. I couldn’t touch. She bent lower, pressing just above the wrist. So that was where she got cut. I looked round for a knife that someone might have used to cut her.

   My eyes zoomed in on a blood coated knife. In her hand. Her sleeve was getting more and more wet. The blood was dripping onto the muddy ground. I bent down by her.

   The closer I looked the more I found out why she did it. She was trying to kill herself. I had no idea why she was but I knew that I could have a good guess.

   The lumps on her neck. Not just any lumps. The sign she had the plague. The reason she was here. With a knife, willing to take her life for her family.

   As I watched I saw the look in her eyes glaze over. Her skin got whiter. The blood over her so dark against her pale skin. I saw the grip on the knife loosen.  She had lost so much blood that nothing could save her.

  I looked away, not wanting to witness another death. I didn’t see but I heard her collapse onto the floor. I left her. So there are still a few people who have the plague.


The End

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