February 27th 1666

     Back at home, Mum was annoying everyone saying that she could tell that I had not found peace. Well who could find peace if you had to wait for a year with people you know and grown up with, dying slowly and painfully from such a horrid disease? 

   I went outside and followed Alice.  She could do with a good long sleep. There was no way she could drink that much again without being ill.

   She was walking briskly towards the church. I had to speed up to keep up with her. I really wanted to know why she was going towards the church.

   It’s not the best church in the world. It was only a small one with an even smaller graveyard. It really a miracle they managed to fit everyone who died in here.

  She suddenly stopped by a grave. The tombstone was an angel on a podium. It would cost a lot of money. In fact I knew it cost a lot of money. It was mine.

    The sun was around midday. It could easily be around 12. With the sun in that position it left a same shadow on the grass. The shadow looked like a person. Not any one. It looked like me. My long hair flowing free.

   It reminded me of when I was younger. We went on a trip. It was to a meadow. I was only 5, Alice was 11, Mum and Dad both looked happy. We were wearing our best dresses, Alice’s was done in the same design as mine. It came down to my shin. Mine was a pale blue with a lace trimming. Alice’s was yellow. The arms were elbow length. On the waist was a darker blue bow. My hair had a piece of ribbon the same colour as my bow. 

  I was running in the long grass on a hot summer’s day. We had a little sandwich with us. As I ran my red hair blew wildly round me in the wind. I played for ages with Alice.

    I blinked. Alice had moved. She was no longer there. Instead she was sitting under the tree. I moved over towards her.

   “I can see you Cassie,” she whispered. I stood frozen. Ok she wrote me a note but I thought she was just doing it because she felt me. “Cassie, why… I saw you in the bar a month ago. Why. Why didn’t you show up again?”

    I didn’t know if it would work but I tried to speak.

“I didn’t come because...” my voice was squeaky and I kept getting quieter. I couldn’t carry on.

  I left.

The End

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