January 30th 1666

I really can’t wait till February. It will be so much easier to go back to normal. So far nothing much has happened. Hardly anyone is getting the plague. That is an all round good. But how do you tell London something else is coming. As 1666 is going to be nothing but bad luck for all of them.

   I have to get moving. I think of my old home. All the happy memories. Alice doing my hair, Edward coming crawling for the first time. Then there’s Mum. Her making my first toy, sleeping in her bed, helping her cook. And Dad, keeping his stuff neat and him helping to clean up.

   I get to my home. Mum sitting on the floor. I think all this is making her feel a bit down and a little crazy. She does things like ask me what I want for supper, when she knows I can’t answer.

    I walk into the bedroom. It’s basically a room with straw on the floor and a horribly itchy blanket. I had to share it with Alice. Edward was put on a drawer or somewhere. Mum and Dad got their own little makeshift bed.

   I know your probably think wrong period of History but our families along with our street are the poorest part of London.

   Edward is sitting where I used to sleep. I watch him. The perfect smile on his face faults. It becomes more of a frown. Why would it become a frown? I wish I could read his mind.

       I looked up at where he was staring. Oh. A spider is why he is frowning. That makes perfect sense. He had never been scared of spiders but I always moved them out of his way.

     Feeling sad I left the room. Mum was still on the floor. She had put her arms round her knees and was rocking. Dad stood by her muttering word of comfort.

    So that just left Alice. I had no idea where she could be. I tried the bakery. The river but found her nowhere. At only 15 this can be scary. The last place I tried was the local pub that had just been reopened.

     I went in and straight to the bar. There she was. Joking around with Tom. I moved closer. By the looks of it she was pretty well gone. 4 pints of beer. How on earth did she get her hands on that sort of money?

    I knew that she only got a little money from Mum and Dad. Not nearly enough for that many drinks. I just hope that Tom helps her. But it looks like he’s had only half a pint less than her.

    There was a loud bang from the other end of the room. I turned round just in time to see a tall skinny man be thrown across the room.

    Screams suddenly burst out. Every one running towards the tiny door way. Only the man, who chucked the thin guy, stayed. The guy on the floor moved.

    I walked over.

     “You don’t ever come back here, you hear me. If you come back I’ll kill you before your nasty disease does. Do you understand that?” the guy shouted.

      The thin man got up to his feet and ran for the door. As he ran I saw that he too had the plague. I followed him through the dirty streets of London. As he ran his breath became short and painful. People stared at him. Some shouting things at him. He only got more upset.

     He turned left. I followed. He finally got to his home. He yanked at the door only to find it locked. Not from the inside but from the outside. He pulled at the lock. I knew what this meant. Someone had known that one member in that family had the plague and that they had to be locked up.

    Only they left the person who had the plague locked out side. The man knocked at the door. Pulling, trying with all his strength to get to his family.

    I breezed through the door. The house was like mine. Only 2 rooms. A bedroom and a main room. It had a ladder to a second floor but this house did not need a second floor. It was already huge. In the corner of the room stood a young girl. About a year younger than me. Her skin was pale, so very pale. Her eyes were a deep brown. Chocolate brown on the outside. Her hair was dripping wet. The brown hair looked black.

   I followed her gaze to the bedroom. I walked in. In there sat a mother like person and a twin to the girl in the main room. They weren’t nearly as pale but these were more scared. I moved out of there and back to the girl.

    She had moved. Her back to me. I could see great lumps on her neck. They looked swollen and full of puss. So they had locked up one member of the family who had the plague. And I thought it was getting better.

The End

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