The note

January 12th 1666

Snow. I want snow. It may be only January but it is freezing now. People are starting to come back. No more big out breaks of plague have come so it doesn’t matter so much.

I’m at home. Watching mum get supper ready. I miss her stews. I miss her. Oh my. I forgot to tell you that Alice can…. Wait for it….. See me! I know. She left me a note last night. This is it:



I hope you can read this. It’s just to say that I can see you. I saw you at your funeral and it was not until now that I believed it. It was when I was in the bakery with Tom and  well, you where there. I could see you at the door way watching me. It didn’t feel right. I should have been the one at the door way dead. I really miss you. Mum still can’t get over it. She won’t move on. She decided that tomorrow she would make your favorite, incase you were still alive and were hungry. Please if you can read this. I know that we haven’t be taught to read or write but Tom has been teaching me and I hope you can do me this one last thing as a sister. I hope that you can tell me if you…….. See…me…coming… to join you up there?




I couldn’t tell her. No 666. 1666 the number of the devil. Her fate has been sealed for the 4th September 1666. I couldn’t tell her that the whole family is coming. I can’t tell her anything. Not a word.

I really wish I could but I don’t want to worry her. Right now she thinks that I can’t read her writing, but I can. When I got here I had all these new skills. Some I never learnt when I was down there. But now nothing can stop me. That is probably why it only happens in death.

The End

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