December 15th 1665

This day could not get worse. People dropping dead every 10 minutes. I know that’s not true but I feels like that. No one else has left our street. I guess no one can afford to get a bill signed by a doctor. My family can’t. I really miss being there. Even if it is in the middle of a plague outbreak.

 My family is stuck in this. I hate that they are in exile because of that damn rat that got bitten by a flea that bite me and then I got the plague. Stupid insensitive flea.

I wish it would snow. That would help the plague die down.  But it’s only December. Since the last time I talked nothing has happened but more deaths.

People are still not coming back. I really want it to go back to normal. Alice flirting. Mum happy. Dad busy and Edward growing up.

But that is not happening so I better stop wishing for a life that I can’t have. I better start to …… God I better stop or I will bore myself to hell reading this.

The End

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