Red Cross

November 7th 1665

          Still people are dying from the plague. I stand and watch searchers carry out the bodies of four people. Two adults and two children. The whole family are dead now. I step inside the house.

          In the house there was a main room and a bedroom. Most houses were like this. The main room used for most things and a bedroom to sleep in. Everyone probably slept in there. It was like that in my house.

The Red Cross on the door told people they had the plague and not to go near. No one likes the plague.

          In the main room there was still dinner on the table. People who died like that would have a good time in the afterlife. They are right about a sixth sense. It comes from the spirit inside us.

          If you die feeling hungry you will be hungry in the afterlife. Same with being tired. Nothing will change.

          I leave the house feeling sorry for the people who died and had to watch their bodies be taken away.

Going to the river seemed like a good idea but the darkness hit first. The darkness I got every day.

The End

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