July 31st 1665

          Edward grabbed a handful of Alice’s hair and pulled hard. He pulled and pulled. Alice finally turned round to look at him. He gave up and turned round.

          He was very stubborn. Worse than me. My family is one of the only families in the street who don’t have the plague. Well we had it first but it didn’t spread to anyone.

           All the rich people have moved out of London. They’ve gone to live in the country side. I would love to live there. The more people who moved the more risk that the people staying would catch it. I don’t think anyone cares about the poor. I think the rich think that we are the scum left at the bottom of their bath. It’s really quite mean. I would never do that.

          Maybe I should have tried and become rich. That way I could be in the country, have afternoon tea with other rich people. If only.

The End

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