The streets

July 9th 1665

          They have people killing all the dogs and cats on the street. They think that is what is doing that. God. These people are really stupid. With no cats or dogs the rats will thrive and more people will get the plague.

          Now the weather is also hot. It’s like a heat wave. Everyone tries to get out of the sun but there is hardly any protection if you live like my family.

          It’s only the beginning though. People are moving out of the city. They have blocked of the ends of streets with gates and have put guards there. Only people with a bill of health can pass through. Hardly anyone can afford one though.

          Only two people in our street have got past the gates. No one has any idea how they could afford the fee though.

          Alice is working in the bakery trying to get extra money so my family can get past, but they have started locking people up so hardly anyone comes to the bakery.

          Every one thinks that God has turned his back on us. They think someone has done something to upset him. I really can’t believe them. So just with all that devastating news I walk to the river in pitch black. It’s 11pm. everyone is asleep. I watch lights flicker to a stop. Well this day has been fun.

The End

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