June 14th 1665

                   The plague has increased. People are fleeing. No one looks at my family strangely now that most of them have had a death in the family. But we were the first family so were famous in a bad way.

          They are planning to start locking up people with the plague in their own houses along with their family. They would put up people to make sure they don’t escape. Only those people would have the keys to unlock their home.

          They have also put up a bill of mortality. It has its own section for the plague. It’s really sad. The more deaths the less London will have a  chance in the future.

          I watch Alice flirting with Tom the baker’s son as she gets a loaf. This is Alice at her best. I think Tom is quite interested really, but he acts cool. I looked away. No one wanted the plague and here was Alice celebrating life right in front of my eyes. It’s really not fair.

          With all the mud and waste on the streets it creates a perfect place for rats to live.  I would have them all cleaned, but no, the mayor doesn’t do that.  It would be for the best.

The End

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