The life of Cassie

Cassie is a 9 year old girl who is famous for bring death to the city of London. With people fleeing left, right and centre Cassie has to also figure out her own problems but the don't always turn out right either...

May 29th 1665

          The sun hit the body. It made the pale skin look translucent. The black hair sparkled. Lilac shadows were highlighted round the closed eyes. The sun cast a long shadow along the grass. The breeze picked up and made the black hair dance round wildly.

          As the sun got closer to the tree, the more the birds made noise. The tiny ones jumped down from the tree to sit round my feet. The grass under them was dark green. It had been raining. The dew was drying in the sun’s rays.  It was cold for May but still warm enough to stand there happily.

          If only I could stand there happily. The funeral was sacred. Although only 4 people and a gravedigger had turned up it was enough.

          Death was meant to be peaceful but this was not. This death was full of pain. Unbearable pain. Red swells the size of an apple. The pain of a nurse coming to pop it. Puss leaking down the back of your clothes. The way your lungs felt as you screamed to make it stop. The many cures that were hopeless. Plague doctors who said that it could be cured. All dressed in black leather. The outfit was complete with a beak. It would be stuffed with tobacco or herbs. It never worked. The odd looking doctors who used dead bodies in their remedies.

          If only it was a death that was caused by old age. But, no. This was caused by a damn mean flea. This was the outbreak of the plague.

          This was the funeral to the first person who had the plague. Not just any person. A nine year old girl who was called Cassie.

          That girl was me. And this is my funeral. It was my painful death. It was me who started the plague again.

          I watched my Mum crying onto my Dad’s shoulder. His shirt turning see-through. Her wild red hair being blown round her cream face. Red rings round her eyes. The swelling from crying. She looked up. Her green eyes searched my dead body for a trace of life. After she found nothing she looked at Dad.  His grey eyes were also searching me.

          For once in my life I looked peaceful. Anyone would say that I was asleep. Dad looked up. His messy black hair getting blown about. He gave up and looked at Mum.

          My gaze travelled to Edward. His black hair hung round his face. The green eyes puzzled. He was thinking about where I could be.

          I looked up at Alice holding him. She took after mum. Her long red hair blowing up in the wind. She had the green eyes as well. Right now as she took in the picture they held nothing but everything at the same time. Her eye’s looked directly at me. Could she see me?

          I laughed at the thought of that. She shook her head. She always did that when I laughed at something inappropriate.

          I watched them leave the church. I followed closely. We walked pass every person possible. My family had become outcasts because of me. I watched them get their feet stuck in the mud. The streets were never clean. It’s why the rat’s that pass the plague get a great range of people. People were avoiding my family. The thought they might have the plague as well but I knew that they didn’t.

          As we got closer to the house less people stared. It was only because they knew us. I watched as people looked with disgusted looks on their face. If I could I would have yelled at them.

          When they got home I went down to the river. It’s really cool. You think of a place you want to go and you turn up there. I found myself in the middle of the river. I looked down and saw no reflection.

          So I’ve got one more year on earth. One year to find peace. Now only 364 days left. It’s not that much if you think about it. I gazed up at the blazing mid-day sun. So this was my life now.

The End

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