Trying the PlasmidMature

August 22nd, 1957

God damn, what a day! I tried that plasmid thing and it hurt like a bitch. I actually blacked out a little when I injected it into me. My hands were shaking, started to glow a bright blue, and my vision got blurry. But when I tried it, oh God, the power. It's amazing! I set up a candle in front of me, pointed my fingers at it, and then a bolt of lightning came out of my fucking fingertips. The candle exploded. I couldn't fucking believe it! I started to just shoot the lighting all over my room at everything I could find. Pictures of my parents, a bottle of wine, a book, all of that is now burnt into tiny little crisps.

After I messed around with that I took a walk and ran into the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on. She has long blonde hair that falls just past the small of her back and eyes as blue as the ocean that's sitting outside this city. And her smile, dear lord. I almost blacked out a second time when I saw it.

I went to wave to her and when I did I accidently shot a bolt of lightning at her. When it hit her she shook like a leaf and then dropped to the floor. I thought I killed so I ran over and picked her up. Being the gentlemen that I am I took her to the medical ward (ran into Dr. Steinman there, he's a crazy fucker) and took her to the doctors. Luckily there doesn't seem to be many injures in Rapture so she got a room right away.

Feeling like I was going to puke, I sat in the waiting room until I was allowed in to see her. Luckily she's going to be fine. But when I went in to see her we got to talking. I must have apologized 50 times and every time she told me not to worry about it. She even invited me to dinner. Whenever she gets out of the medical ward we’re having dinner at the Kashmir. I guess everything does happen for a reason.

Anyway, I'm dead tired. It’s been on hell of a day. Oh! I almost forgot, the girls name is Rose. Didn't catch her last name though, I'll have to at dinner.

The End

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