Arriving in RaptureMature

I love the game BioShock. I've been interested in how a Splicer thinks, so I figured that I'd write a diary that contains the thoughts and life of a Splicer. This diary contains the life of Bobby Jones, a wealthy man who's had enough with the surface. He goes down to Rapture expecting peace from politics and crime but that's exactly what he gets. I'm sorry if I mess up some facts, dates or something along those lines because as much as I'd like to think I know everything about BioShock, I don't

I've just arrived in Rapture, and what a place! Before you can actually get down to the city you have to go in this lighthouse, and greeting you is a giant statue of Andrew Ryan, the creator of Rapture, and under it there is a banner that says "No Gods or Kings, Only Man". That's what I'm talking about! I never much cared for religion, and I really hate kings, so I think this place will be perfect!

To get in the actual city of Rapture you have to go in this thing called a Bathysphere. It takes you below the ocean. A city under the ocean! Can you believe it? Anyway, while in the Bathysphere a little film plays of Andrew Ryan explaining how he chose the impossible or something like that. I hardly listened because I was so damn excited about actually getting down there! The Bathysphere takes  you through a beautiful view of the ocean, the fish, and the city. It seemed like forever when the thing finally stopped and let us out. When it did and you step out you see giant glass windows and beyond the windows are little fish swimming around. I couldn't believe my eyes.

While I was walking around with my luggage I saw a board with the times the Bathysphere would take people back up to the surface, but I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to go back up. This is literally paradise, away from politics, wars, or crime. This city is heaven on earth, it's amazing.

As I walked I saw the lounge area. There were a bunch of people going up some stairs and getting something from a vending machine. I followed some people up and it was a vending machine, but it didn't vend food, it vended "plasmids". They're like a needle you jam in your arm that rearranges your genetic code. I cut the line when nobody was looking and took someone's "Electro Bolt" before he could get it. I put it in my pocket and then made my way to my apartment.

Making my way to my apartment I saw a restaurant called Kashmir. All sorts of high class people were there, including some really sexy dames. That's where I'll be eating dinner tomorrow because today I'm dead tired.

I'm currently in my apartment in Olympus Heights. Looks like I'll be living the good life! I'll be trying my "plasmid" or whatever you call it first thing in the morning, but for now I'm going to sleep.

The day is August 21st, 1957, and my name is Bobby Jones. 

The End

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