Disasters with makeup

See, I don't understand why all the other girls look so polished and gorgeous all the time. They have perfect complexions and their mascara never smudge.

My first encounter with makeup was in grade nine, when my parents gave me my first kit for Christmas (were they hinting at something?). The first time I put mascara on, I didn't really look in the mirror and went off to school. Some of my demi-friends asked me, "Are you wearing mascara?" I said yes, feeling kinda cool.

Then when I finally encountered a mirror, I discovered that I had eyelash marks all around the bottom of my eyes. I had been going around like that all day.

And don't even get me started on concealors that rubbed off easily (blemishes on full display unawares) or hair curlers (I had thought my time for cowlicks were past...til my experiment with them). It seems the more I want to look good...the worse I look.

You know, it's always entertaining, in an issue of a girly magazine, to read the Embarrassing Moments section. "It's always funny as long as it's not happening to you," is what my drama teacher used to say. But the thing is, when I read them, I always get a sense that this could totally happen to me, that it's probably going to any day now. Okay, well, maybe not the one with the girl riding on the shoulders of her crush and laughing so hard that she peed on them. That's embarrassing.

 The thing is, all that is past. A new school year's starting. Every year, around this time, I make my New (School) Year's Resolutions. I vow not to be so embarrassing and awkward. I want to be a new person, all hip and cool (in my experience, anyone who uses the word "hip"...is not). Of course, we all know how well that always turns out. But this year is my grad year. Hmm, I wonder if I'll end up with a date for the prom. Maybe Jake's become deeply in love with me, and has a thing for girls who do not know how to hold a normal conversation


The End

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