The Life Of A Loser


Hi. My name is Allie Seawell and my life reads like a novel by Lemony Snicket.

I mean, I shouldn't really complain. My life is much better than that of a starving African orphan, or even most of the world. I live in North America, in a nice, mid-sized house. My parents are divorced, but whose aren't nowadays? I'm not on drugs and I'm not failing school.

I wish I am sometimes. Then my life would be a bit more exciting.

The thing is, sure, I'm not an African orphan, but then I've got a whole new set of problems. African orphans don't have to worry about being socially awkward, untalented, and having no real friends. But then they have to worry about AIDS and starvation, you'll say to me. There's no way I can put this without sounding like a horrible, compassionless shrew. I guess that wherever you are in life, you'll always have problems.

That's depressing.

And it's probably not true. Look at Grace. She's this girl in my school, who's mega-rich and super spoiled. Everything she wants, she gets. She goes to Hawaii every year, and stays at the most expensive top hotel downtown on New Year's, for one night, just to watch the fireworks. The problem is, she has TONS of friends. And good ones too, ones who truly love her. And she'd just gotten her N (which most likely means a new car in her horizon).

I'd crashed my car the second time driving. In a parking lot.

It's not like I don't have friends. People generally like me. The problem is, they don't like me enough. Not enough to hang out with me during the holidays. Not enough to invite me to parties.

I would be classed as a nerd except I don't even do that well in school. Mainly B's, one C, and couple of low A's. The C was in Physical Education, in case you were wondering. I am the least athletic person in the world. And if I was really a nerd, I'd be BFFs with the debate team (actually, I think half of them are in love with me. It's great). In some schools, I think, the debate team is not composed of the stereotypical nerdy, unhygenic geeks. But at my school, it is. It's really sad.

So this is a load of teen angst. I'm sorry. But I'm fed up with books and movies depicting the so-called "misfits", who have real friends, lands a boyfriend by the end, and gets a happy ending.

This is my story. The truth. No happy endings here.

The End

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