As she walked into the front doors of Truman High, Alice checked her watch. 7:10. I have plenty of time to put my stuff in my locker. With her schedule in hand, she found her locker, number 66. Thankfully, most of Alice's classes were on this floor, so she would have plenty of time to stop by her locker with the seven minute passing periods.

     Alice put in her red locker shelf, stacking her notebooks and binders on top of it. After making sure she had extra pencils in her bag, she grabbed her U.S. History book and a notebook, heading to the front of the building where her friends were waiting.

     Standing against one of the pillars was Mirf,which is short for Miranda. She was wearing the usual attire, jeans, a t-shirt, a light jacket, and tennis shoes. Across from her was Alice's other best friend, Amelia. She had on a simple pair of capris and a tank top.

     Alice, Mirf, and Amelia had been best friends since elementary school, playing werewolves together every recess. As they got older, they explored artistic venues, such as writing, drawing, and music. All three still retained the interest in the supernatural. The only big seperationg had been their sophomore year when Amelia took the year off, earning her credits online. Thankfully, she was back this year.

     "So," started Alice, dropping her backpack, reaching in for the newest cd. "I got the new Apocalyptica cd, 7th Symphony"

     Mirf took it, calling first dibs. Amelia rolled her eyes, settling for second.

     At that moment, Alice happened to look to her right. She saw a pair of pale blue eyes surrounded by black hair. It took a few seconds for her to register why this was so important to her. The nightmare!

The End

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