The Life of a Future SlayerMature

     Alice Vanhart stirred, suddenly awake. Her alarm clock said 1:32 am. She had only slept for two hours. Damn, she thought, it's only getting worse. Alice was about to roll over when she noticed the figure at the foot of her bed. It was pure black and stood at about six feet. The thing that stood out to her the most was the blood-red eyes.

     As it stared at her, the black dissolved to reveal a boy who looked to be seventeen years old. His hair was as black as the smoke, barely reaching below his angular chin, and he had a shaggy look to him. He had pale blue eyes, which struck Alice as familiar. She couldn't quite place his face. Then she saw the sword at his hip. She didn't get a good look at it, though, because at that moment she felt this presence in her head.

     When she looked up, the mouth of the boy did not move, yet she heard his voice clearly in her head. "Alice," he said, "beware the darkness." As he finished speaking, she felt the presence in her mind fade away as the smoke came back. This time, it surrounded her. She screamed in vain, trying to reach out for something, anything to hold on to. It was as if it was just her and the smoke. There was nothing else.

     She sat up straight, terrified. Looking around, she saw that she was still in her room, without the black smoke or the boy. Her alarm clock now read 6:00am. It was just a scary dream...a nightmare. She took a deep breath, forcing the nightmare out of her thoughs, and got up to get ready for the first day of her junior year at Truman High.

     Alice walked into her bathroom, which was decorated in various shades of red and black, just like her room. Everything of Alice's was well kept, a trait inherited from her mother, Sharon.

     She showered quickly and after wrapping a towel around herself, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her normally cheery green eyes were offset by the bags under her eyes, which she would hide with cover-up that matched her light, almost pale skin tone. It took about fifteen minutes for her to blowdry and straighten her long blonde hair. Then she applied black eyeliner above her eyes and went into her room to get dressed.

     When Alice finally decided on a red tank top, a black thigh length skirt with black suspenders, and a black leather jacket, she put on her Invader Zim socks and shoes, and went downstairs for breakfast. Her mom had gotten up early and made her favorite, blueberry muffins.

     "Good morning, sweetheart," said her mom. Alice gave her a hug and sat at the kitchen table with a couple of muffins and a sunny d. When she had finished her breakfast, her mom told her to wait there for a second while she grabbed a present from her room. Her mom came back with a set of keys.

     "Oh mom!" exclaimed Alice, giving her another hug. "Thank you!"

     Sharon laughed. "Your welcome, hon. I know how badly you have wanted to drive and I bought you a black volvo. I figured since you are almost 17 and a junior that you deserved it. Now go upstairs and finish getting ready."

     Alice had been itching for her own car since she had gotten her license a year ago. It did not take her long to brush her teeth and grab her shoulder bag adorned with Sharpie drawings. Alice gave her mom a final hug, stepping outside the house and into the cool morning air. The sun had just started rising above the eastern Colorado plans. Alice eagerly got into her new car and was soon on her way, making sure to buckle up.

The End

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