Letter Revealed

Dearest Little Sister,

As you know, I am dead. I am writing this letter from the afterlife, naturally. I know it sounds strange but all will be revealed in time, my dear sister. Just read this letter, and always hold it close to your heart.

The people in the afterlife are actually really nice people. There was a young girl named Chiyo-Chan, who helped me get settled in up here. In a way, the afterlife is everything you want it to be. It is the good thinks you want and the bad things you want. The happy things, and the not so happy things, because even here, there are nice people and mean people, either way. This is sort of like an eternal resting place. Until the 'office' registers souls, we stay here. If souls are supposed to be punished, they are sent to Jigoku Okendon, which is basically hell. Except in the end, you leave, and get to leave with us after you have repented for your sins. unless of course you are a bloodthirsty murderer or something like that. But if you did something petty like robbery, you go in, accept your punishment, and go out. Sort of like at church-school. When you're bad, you get slapped on the wrists with a ruler, then you go on living. Well, un-living, or something, whatever.

Anyways, about that car crash. I died instantly, so, at least you don't have to go on thinking I endured tremendous pain. Dearest Sarah I love you like I love our parents. The most important things in the world. Please don't cry anymore. Watching you cry from up here makes me want to cry to, you know. Please don't cry anymore, Sarah.

Love, your sister.

The End

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