With her.

I.... have found her.  She is alone in her room, except for one other being there. Her cat, Kashi. Ha-ha, it reminds me of a brand of cereal.

0913, I say, and Miki grants me with the ability to phase through the walls of her house.  I land beside her, and regain my physical body.

Hello, Sarah, I say. She looks up at me, scared, and crying a little. Weather she was still crying from her sisters death, or because of the fact that I basically broke into her house, I do not know. I take a small letter out of my pocket and hand it to her. I still do not know how her sister died, nor do I know what is in this letter. She takes it from me wearily, shaking a little bit.

I just seem to wonder . . . What does it say. I am supposed to leave, but I just can't tear myself away from Sarah and the letter. There is something about the both of them that keeps me here.

The End

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