The life of a dead soul.

The life of a girl, hime, who died young, and now has a job delivering things to living people, from dead souls. Partly based off of the anime Shigofumi.

Hmm.... even though I'm dead, I can still use a mirror. I check my looks, fairly good. Can't go out on the job looking like a mess, can I? I fix my hat on my head, and button my cloak. I grab Miki, my staff, and begin my work.

Miki, 0825, I say.  Suddenly a pair of wings sprouts on my back, and I fly up into the sky, letter tucked into the pocket of my shorts. Today, I need to deliver to a young girl, who's sister died in an accident. It's the only letter her sister can send, according to the rules, and so I better make it count.

The girl's name is Sarah. Her sister's name is Alyssa.

Sarah stays at home a lot now, and I feel bad for her. This could either help her move on, or hurt her worse than ever.

I'm almost at her house. Soon enough, the wheels will be put in motion.



The End

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