I love being me!

There are days when all I really would  love to do is avoid the world by sleeping.  Yet i realize that's not a very healthy or good thing for me to do.  Though the times have been rough for me these last several months, I totally am refusing to let that fact get the best of me.  It's not in my nature to let the bad things in life take total control of my semi positive outlook on most things.  Being me is the best thing I know how to do and I LOVE being the person I am supposed to be difficult as it really truly is.   I  do have some bad qualities but honestly who doesn't?  I let the GOOD qualities shine more brightly than the bad ones.   One of my best qualities is my kind heart and love towards those that are cruel and hardhearted when it comes to special needs and mental  health issues.  I show love even if  I truly don't those hard hearted people in the world.  I let them see that they are fools by being nothing but kind and loving toward them.  I have been through hell these last few years and I honestly feel that in the long run it has made me  a stronger person in the long run.  When I finally am on my own in my own apartment I will show my family and friends that I can make it on my own and that they shouldn't have to worry about me as  much.  Independence is something that I have been trying to achieve though it is rather difficult.  I want to be on my own and prove that I CAN do it!  Nobody can tell me that I can't do anything because as long as I know that I can and as long as I TRY it will get done.  The right frame of mind also helps with these sort of things too.  

The End

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