There is more to my life than Bipolar Disorder

Though many people think they understand what it's like being me, they really have no idea what it's really like.   Like every other human being, I am unique.  My bipolar only adds to the unique qualities that make up who I am.  I am very happy to be me; issues and all, I'd not change anything because it'd not be the same and I would not be on the path I'm currently on. The path to success is the one I want to be on forever.  The little things going on around me inspire me to write about them.  My mom is one of the main people around me that inspires me. Her wildly amusing rants and random impersonations of people are just such fun to write about.  For example her overall attitude toward keeping everyone in the family stable and happy is just so endearing and amazing.  She's a great advocate in my overall Bipolar treatment.  She's always been there through thick and thin, no matter what. Now that I'm grown and preparing to move out on my own, she's been a little overbearing with not wanting me to leave home.  It is my choice to leave home, I can't live at home forever.  Things have been a bit confusing these past few months with all the choices and changes I've been making. The future is a bright shiny thing that is waiting for me.  I am rearing to take it by the horns and take what it gives me- no matter how difficult that may be.  I know that whatever it throws my way I'll conquer it with a smile and a "Let's do this!" attitude.   Too many times I've wondered if I hadn't been diagnosed with Bipolar, would I still have wanted to become a writer?  I know that I probably would have gone to college and graduated.  I am kind of relieved that I chose to not go to college.  It would have been too much on me. The stress would have driven me over the edge.  I don't think with what I've been dealt I could even handle going to college. Too many classes and communal living.  Urghhh....  I AM relieved that I did graduate high school a year early with a 4,0 grade point average.  I blew right through my college prep English courses.  English and Literature were always my strong points all through my school career.  Math and science not so much.  I liked the psychology and sociology courses too.   School was one place I detested as much as going on unwanted trips. A LOT.   Since I was a teenager things have gotten a bit easier on the semi normal functioning aspect of my life. As an adult it's getting to be much less difficult to function among other people.  I feel most at ease around my very best friends and my cat, Midnight.  When being around people gets too overwhelming, I close myself off from being social and sit with my head down and try to ignore everyone surrounding me.  Since I've got low self esteem I tend to shut down in extreme social situations.  I try to not let my issues rule my life. I rule my issues not the other way around.  These types of things will NOT keep me down.  There is always room for positive thinking.  I've been trying to be more positive. So far it's been hard but I'm doing the best I can with that.

The End

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