The Life never forgotten

"Three college students how they face life and how love plays with them". You will remember your college days.

The college

It is a semi urban area of the famous town Erode. The place is never known to be a place for recreation but always known as a place of education. Colleges, Schools, Tuition centres, computer training centres, DTP etc., are the things that beamed in every corner of this town. People from the other districts teemed up here to finish their education and they left with knowledge for sure. But people do find it difficult to get jobs after their studies.

RR College of Engineering, one of the biggest as well as the newest college of Erode, stood tall in that area. The college was waiting to be accreditied by NAAC. The road to the college is being laid newly and half the road size is filled with road laying labourers and stuff. One mini bus sped past the mud and little did the driver mind about the problems in the new road or the traffic behind him. He stopped wherever he wanted to and loaded people.

The conductor whistled and said, "RR College". The crowd inside the bus comprised more of teenagers rushed outside the bus. Out of the crowd, stood tall, the three heroes of the story who came to the college for seeing their entrance results.  

The End

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