Not In The Best Of Moods


The tears had already came and went, all that was left was sobbing. Mum entered the room. “Aoife, love, are you well?” Her green eyes caught mine and her shoulders fell. She closed the door behind her and made her way to sit on the side of me bed. “Oh…my sweet, sweet babe. Come here.” Her arms pulled me towards her warm body, it still smelt like the dinner she’d cooked up for the better part of the day. Today was everybody’s first day for everything so she wanted a good dinner for us in the evening. A could hardly even eat a bit. “Now, tell me all about ya day, hm?” Mum kissed my cheek and lent her ear.

“They all laughed at me, Mummy. Every single one of them. A want t’ go home.” A could feel the tears again, welling up in the back of me eyes. “A don’t want to be here, Mum.” She pulled me tighter.

“A know, baby. A know. It’s hard on all of us. Yes, it’ll take some time but…you will be alright.” After she was done talkin’, she patted my back and left, closing the door after her. My breath was ragged, but once I got control of myself, a turned on me laptop and signed into my email. A pulled out me homework from my bag and looked at the file from English.

Bing! It was a new email. “Sophia Anderson.” That was the girl from the file. A clicked on it and the email popped up in a new tab.

Aoife. This is Sophia. I'm your partner from the "Life Changer" project. I should probably warn you now that I'm not the most socially... well, let's just say you shouldn't expect me to hold a conversation. So I'm kinda hoping you're talkative, 'cause I'm really not. Oh, and if you have my last school photo in your folder (which I'm really hoping you don't), I don't really look like that anymore. So yeah. I'll send you a more recent picture of me.

PS: I don't mean to be rude, but how do you pronounce your name? I'm guessing Ay-oyf-ee isn't it.

GAH! Even in a bloody email they couldn’t get it right! A let out a deep breath and started typin’ a reply.

And I’m just goin’ to be warnin’ ya now, I’m not in the best of moods. Today was my first day at school and it didn’t go to well. So, I’m goin’ ta keep it short and simple. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. Are ya well? Let me know when you want to start all these questions.  The picture is fine. And me name…it’s pronounced Ayfa. I’m from Ireland. Not Ayoyfee…that just sounds stupid. Send.


The End

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