Aoifa's POV

“Ay…Ayo…Ayo-if? Kane?” My cheeks flushed. It was a mistake movin’ here to England, it was much better in Ireland. People knew how to say a name as simple as mine.

“It’s pronounced Ayfa. Aoife Kane.” Some of the people in me class snickered. What was wrong with them? A wasn’t speaking Chinese or something crazy. Just me name. Mum said the first day would be the hardest, but nobody said nothin’ about me bein’ laughed at ‘cause of me name. This was horrible! A wish a could’ve stayed at home with Tierney, me baby sis. She might’ve been a handful but at least she wouldn’t be laughin’ at me, unless I’d actually done somethin’ funny.

“Welcome to the class, Aoifa. I hope you will find yourself at ease here.” Mrs. Westin’s honey eyes were sympathetic towards me, no doubt wantin’ to make up for the other kids’ laughter. “Today, class, we have a project. I will hand each of you a file with another student’s name, age, a picture, etcetera. This project will be over the course of six months. You will be learning all about this other student. And, in turn, they will learn about you. Record all your findings. Family, friends, social activities, etcetera.” Me thinks she really liked that word. “The other student is from another school so you will have to meet up outside of it. An email address is accompanied with the other basic information you needed to know about them. It’s called ‘The Life Changer’ project.” Well, wasn’t that just fittin’ then. My life has changed enough now, I don’t need anymore of it. A want me old life back! I groaned, as did the rest of the class. At least we agreed on this pish.

When class ended, we stood up and squeezed out the door as Mrs. Westin handed us each our own file. I sighed as I was handed mine and opened it when I’d finally stepped into the hallway. 

The End

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