The Assignment


I sat in the classroom, watching the clock tick on. This wasn't the first time I'd been early to class, nor would it probably be the last. It was just that I didn't really have anyone to hang around with, so it was easier to just accept the fact that I didn't have friends than waste time pretending I did. 

"Sophia, could you give out these folders, please, before class starts?" my teacher, Mr Grey, asked me with a smile. I liked Mr Grey. He never questioned me or judged me, and we got on quite well.

I nodded and took the pile from him, placing two folders on each desk. They all had names written on them that I didn't recognise, but I didn't ask, preferring to wait until it was explained in the lesson. 

"I think you'll find this project interesting," Mr Grey said to me. All your other assignments show you have a great interest in things like this."

I nodded again and smiled as I put down the last folder, and he left the room. 

Just as the bell went, the first student walked into the room. Trousers slung low, despite the fact that he was wearing a belt. Music audible through his headphones, and trainers that were in desperate need of replacing. Hood up even though he was indoors. Your typical chav, and the most well known one in my school. 

"Sup, nerd?" He noted my presence, jerking his chin in my direction. 

I just looked at him and sighed. I would've thought he'd come up with something more imaginative, but no. He just stuck to the classics. 

The rest of the class bustled noisily in, taking their seats, but continuing their conversations across the classroom. Only one or two really noticed the folders, and peaked inside.

"All right, class!" Mr Grey shouted over the noise and waited for the lull. "Today we are starting a new project. It is called the Life Changer project."

I frowned, wondering how a project could ever change my life. While the teacher talked, I opened my folder.

There was a whole load of file paper, along with a bit of information and a picture. The picture showed a girl. She was quite pale, and had ginger hair and blue eyes. The way he was smiling and facing told me it was probably a school photo.

The information told me she was thirteen, and that her name was Aoife Kane. 

Mr Grey explained to the class that these people were going to be greatly involved with our lives for the next six months. The Life Changer project, though unlikely to actually change our lives, was designed to get us thinking about how much we knew about ourselves. This person, Aoife, would help me find out information about myself, and I would help her do the same. A bit like a school exchange.

I mentally despaired at the photo of me that she probably had. My last school photo, I had a full mouth of braces and thick glasses, accompanied by an atrocious case of acne. 

Since then, my braces had gone and my glasses suited me considerably better. The acne, while still present, was tamed dramatically by various face washes. 

We were expected to contact each other via email and arrange to meet up. I groaned, already imagining the awkwardness. 

I was not good with people.

The End

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