vera moor lives in the woods


Vera Moor grew to be an average girl. She is not interesting or creative or wonderful or anything that could remotely seem likes fun. Every day is the same and every morning she would wake up in her shabby room and get ready for the day. This process did not take very long, and did not go by too fast; it was the perfect amount of time to achieve full boringness. Vera Moor wore a light gray frock that hung just above the tops of her knees. The dress had puffy sleeves and a torn bow. Another thing that you should know is that Vera did not like bows, as exampled by the mangled one strung to her waist. A simple black ribbon held her hair away from her face, and a strand of silver hung at her neck, given to her by her mother. Before heading upstairs to the kitchen Vera would put on a small white smock, and long striped socks, this ensured that she would be recognizable when she walked through the forest to the nearby town.

The people of the woods and town got forgetful sometimes, although Vera had seen them in their innocence, she did not underestimate the power of fright. The people of the woods and town feared all strangers and in a stage of fright they would swarm onto you with knives finely sharpened. The only reason their forgetfulness was such a danger was because in their laps of memory anyone could look like a complete stranger and therefore the enemy. Luckily for Vera most of the people knew her and she was easy recognized by her smock and striped socks.

Before she left, she reminded herself of the reason that she was here, which was to explore. Vera moor had to explore the woods all the nukes and crannies for the safest spots, and had to know the people that lived there so that she could explore their minds. On top of that she had to keep on the lookout for the newly arrived which seemed to be the easiest targets for the town’s peoples rage. They said if she did all of these things then she would be free. they said that she would be the first to ever reach the final stage , to be sane again is what she wanted more than anything so she could leave and lead her own life. They said if she just reported regularly and got the newly arrived settled in safely they would let her go. that was the whole reason they had all come here. to just  fall into a trap. 

When she was younger Vera was brought here, not out of her own accord, but now she had to prove she could be let out. It was not only the doctors and therapists, or the army that kept here although they tried to enforce it, it was that fence that ran the perimeter of the forest and mountains and lakes, and it was the fence that allowed the people on the other side to have security, by locking away the insane. Vera Moor might be ordinary but the situations she lives with are far from it. This is an insane asylum, and only if she can prove her sanity will the doctors let her out.

Well, that was how everyone else saw her but when Vera Moor looked at herself in the mirror she saw a fantastically brilliant heroin braving whatever the world had in store of her. So you see it was not Vera who was dull, it was everyone else that could not see her for what she wanted to be. in the end, the only thing that kept Vera going was to look into that mirror and see herself the way she wanted to be seen, it was to bad that no one else could see her this way too.

The End

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