The life and times of Vera Moor

when vera moor was little:

the sky had reached its fullest in torment when the harsh north winds blew in. every look that the travelers took to the pathway was followed with a cold kiss of air and every step met a frigid corrugated  shoulder of ground. although the elements were against them, the travelers moved onward, they had to. the fires of ice burned there uncovered fingers, they should have never gone out in this weather wearing rags. All of them had given all their positions to this noble , yet slow cause and had no source of warmth to share. their leader plowed in front, marking a trail through the thick irreverent snow. the herd of people were mostly made up of families, except for the few singles that tagged along ; they were all looking for a better life like Mr. Haynes, their leader had promised. all the travelers were identical, same ratty cloths, same frosted noses, same slow, bedraggled steps, all the same except for one family that traveled in the back.  the family was Tom Moor, his wife Carissa and their little girl Vera. Tom Moor was the advisor to Mr. Haynes and desisted to drag his family all the way out here along with the supporters against Carissa's will. Carissa did not like traveling, and foremost did not like having to leave their sweet home by beach, she would on countless occasions openly say this and dispute the fact that she would rather be somewhere else, this of course started a argument with Tom. they would fight for days and would keep on going until they forgot what they were arguing about. as Carissa and Tom Moor had just reached the peak of the hill that they were scaling they finally finished their latest  argument. Carissa was tired and desisted to rest, she was tired not from the arguing or the long walk, but from caring Vera for the whole journey. As all of this was happening young Vera was hidden from site in heavy blankets, looking like a butterflies cocoon in her mother's arms. as Carissa set her down, Vera popped her head out to take a look around and to listen to her mother tell her about their journey so far.

       it was like the whisper of summer winds and a cloudless blue, her mother's voice would take Vera out of the real world and into the stories , portraying what Carissa thought the many tails should end like. Carissa would change all the endings except for the one in Alice in wonderland, Vera liked this story the best becauce her mother had not given it her little twist. the day that Carissa had told her about Alice in wonderland Vera had begged for  true story and  as far as Carissa was concerned this particular story was true and told that so many times to Vera that the youngster believed it to be .as they both sat on the unforgiving grounds Carissa started with her story, only to be interrupted and told that she should tell about the trip by Vera. The trip was a far topic that her mother disliked to  discuss, but after all, if her sweet wanted that sort of story she would get it. Carissa took her little girls hands and pointed them towards the far off.

       "do you see that my sweet? that is where we are going, to the forests and mountains."

Vera could not see anything and told her mom so, and that there was a thick fog that obscured the place. as curious as ever and a bit disgruntled by the ominous fog Vera asked about what lived in the woods and exactly where they were going to live and exactly what did it looked like. Carissa hugged her daughter and wisped

       "in the woods we will live in a big house with beautiful white walls and fields of bright green grass. there will be bunny rabbits and chirping birds and all the little animals that your heart desires..."

       "stop filling her head with nonsense" interrupted Tom. Carissa pretended not to notice and went on, although she changed the ending to mach what her husband had said.

       " and if you do not be careful wolves that live in the forests will come and take you"

       Vera shrieked with joy, she had asked this question a million times and loved the way it had changed. misinterpreting the shriek Carissa reached up around her neck to untie her silver necklace, the strand shimmered and Carissa held it up for Vera to see.

       "as long as you wear this you will be safe my sweet, and I will always be with you. but if you do not have courage it will not work, so stay strong my sweet no matter what happens." she tied the strand on Vera's neck to the child's delight  and bundled Vera up, preparing for the walk downhill and into the icy fingers of what seemed like fear.

        it was all a lie every answer to every question about this place was a lie, and Vera knew this. there was no big house with white walls or bunny rabbits or chirping birds or green fields. the house was a mere carving into a impossibly big oke tree on a muddy hill overlooking a frozen pond. the carving  had a door on wooden hinges, a flight of stairs and a simple wall looking thing to divide the second story for rooms. all of this said it was the best home any of the travelers could have gotten but did not, most of them had to start building there shelter as soon as they arrived and the unlucky ones had to look for a descent plot of land. in the first floor of their new house  there was a huge chest and when Carissa , Tom, and Vera opened it they found all sorts of fabrics and yarns. While Tom and Vera went out to look for food, Carissa started her own projects.

and that is how their life in the woods started....

The End

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