Unrequainted loveMature

Taylor San is the average male nerd. Though more charismatic, he has failed to find his soul mate. He's dated many girls but the farthest it ever went was conception. But now he thinks he has found the One for him. Only it's his best friend.

Marigold was my last girlfriend, and she was a freakin' psychopath.  Have you ever heard of the obsessive girlfriend meme? She's exactly like that except she's even more messed in the head. And i was just there for a couple of quickies.  Her fetishes alone should've tipped me that I had to get out of there.  But no. I had to stay and try new things.  While some of the fantasies were actually kinda kinky, she just had to let out a Multiple Personality Disorder in the middle of the fun.

Veronica is what she calls this side of her, triggered by extreme adrenaline and hormonal imbalances.  Basically, PMSing while she's living one of her sexual fantasies.  Veronica is the sadistic side of her, so she enjoys the chains, whips and other things to inflict pain. I had tried this stuff before, with a safe word and everything so nobody had to go to jail. Weed whackers would have never crossed my mind as a possible tool.

The End

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