The Life and Times of High School

So, this is a collaborative story about those in the mysterious world known to many as: HIGH SCHOOL! People can join as yourself, or someone completely random, it's all up to you. Please try to keep one chapter at a time. What I mean by that it, try to alternate posters. Instead of say, XD (no offense if that is a real username!) has three chapters done, post one, then wait till someone else posts something. Get it? Great! Have fun!!

My name is Elisabeth.  I'm tired of the same stuff being taught to us year after year after year.  When will they learn?  High school is supposed to be a stepping stone in life, right?  Yeah, some great leap forward that was.  High school is supposed to prepare us for what's to come in our lives.  Is this all our lives are going to be?  A book with chapters, but the contents repeating?  No, this year was going to be different.  This year will be a break in the pattern.  This year will ---

"Miss Sparks!"

I glanced up from my notebook.  My English teacher, Mr. Gary, was glaring at me.  I looked around.  People were staring.  I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks.  Turning once again to Mr. Gary, he seemed to be waiting for me to give an answer. 

"Um, could you repeat the question?"  I asked nervously, closing my notebook. 

Snickers flew around the class.  Mr. Gary sighed.  "I aksed for your study guide.  You do have it don't you?"

I grabbed my bag, and rummaged around in it for my binder.  After a few more embarassing moments, I pulled out a rather abused study guide for 'Romeo and Juliet'

"Thank you," Mr. Gary said, taking it from my hands.  "Now if you could please tune in to what I'm saying for the rest of the -- oh, I don't know -- four minutes of class, please?"

I shrunk lower in my seat.  It wasn't my fault Mr. Gary hated me so much.  He just hated everybody. 

The door opened. 

One of the schools secretary's came in and whispered something in Mr. Gary's ear.  He turned to me and said, "Sparks, you're needed in the guidence office.  Take your stuff, you're more than likely not coming back."

On that cheery note, I packed up my things and followed Mrs. Levy to the office.

"Elisabeth, this is our new student, James Grey.  You're to help him around the school in case he gets lost and help him know how things work around here.  He is in all the same classes as you, so you'll be spending a lot of time together."

A lot of time indeed, I noted mentally to myself. 

Even in my wildest dreams did I still not know how this new kid was going to change me. 

The End

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