Maritime Mayhem

I hopped onto a bar ship just as it was about to shove off.  I had an important meeting to listen in on, and I hated to be late. I shouldered my way through the not-yet-rambunctious crowd to a back corner when I saw him: Danny Lee, the infamous Dealer of Disaster, Trader of Trouble.  Word on the street was that he was trying to make the deal of the century to get in on a plot.

Of course, that translated to "nothing good".

I sat at a nearby table, hat brim over my eyes, listening to the unfolding madness as follows.

"So's the shipment on time?" Danny grunted to a scrawny, bespectacled young man across from him.

"Well, er, not yet, you see..."

"You boneheads realize this shipment is the maker or breaker of this deal between BJ and I? The plan'll never get off the ground otherwise!"  My ears perked at the name of BJ. BJ, or Big Jimmy, was second biggest of the "lowbodies" behind Danny Lee, he had government connections, and has been a close friend of mine since I landed in the news business.

"BJ knows ye gota come tru wit yer enda da offa, ottawise its yer skin," a burly mutt next to Danny grunted.

"Hey, you all know how much trouble I've gone through trying to get this thing goin'! I'm hopin' he's trying to hold up his end, otherwise it's his skin." Danny shook his head, deep in thought.

The bespectacled one piped up. "Danny, I've been thinking..."

"History being made here!" Danny praised sarcastically, not looking up. Unabashed, he straightened his glasses and continued.

"What if we made sure BJ couldn't come through? If you get my drift..." He smirked slyly. Danny looked up slowly as it dawned on him.

"Specs, my boy, that's the best plan you've come up with to date!" he boomed, clapping Specs on the back. "Now, we all know BJ's end of the bargain, and we his connections, right?" Murmurs of consensus answered. "And we all know, despite the truce, we hate each other's guts, right?" Rambunctious agreement met his words.

I must admit, I agreed as well, because if I knew BJ as well as myself, I know BJ has always hated Danny Lee.

"So if we can throw a wrench into his end, so as to... interfere with it, we won't be able to come through! That means we can pick him off, and we can finish the plan ourselves!" Loud cheers of approval followed this speech.

My mind raced; I couldn't let them interfere with BJ, whatever it was he was up to. I had to warn him. I must've stood up to leave too quickly for Danny's liking.  I was petrified with fear when Danny Lee himself menacingly called to me: "Where d'y'think you're going Hotshot?"

The End

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