The Life and Times of....Mature

The blood hit the sink with a dull creamic ring, a tiny explosion of red on white.  The drone of the electric toothbrush lulled her brain into a comatose state as she stared vapidly at  her morning after the night before complexion.  The open pores like greedy little red mouths against the greasy pale backdrop in the magnifying mirror.

Another trickle of blood ran over her knuckles and hit the porcelain, this time catching her eye.  She sneered before turning off the toothbrush and gargelling the foam to banish the chemical cocaine tate that was clinging to the back of her mouth, her tonsils, her throat.

Breathing deeply she stared into her own eyes reflected back at her three times the size and asked herself the same old questions.  What now?  Where next?  The sense of futility colliding with the left over coke, making her pulse race as her heart gave forth the answers.  Same thing.  Same place.

The End

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