The Life And Lies Of Ronald Weasly

Ch.1    His Past

  As everybody knows Ronald Weasly as a boy was Harry Potters oldest friend besides his wife Hermione.

 He was with him almost every year when Harry fought against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

   Bill and Charlie were the oldest kids in the family. Next is Percy, Fred and George are twins, Ron, then his younger sister Ginny.

  He is now married to Hermione Granger. They had two kids named Rose and Hugo.

  In his past Ginny was dating Harry now they're married and have three kids James, albus, and Lily. James and Lily were named after Harry's parents. Albus is named after Hogwarts used to be headmaster.

  We all know how weird it would be to have your best friend marry your sister. 

The End

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