Shirts, Rhobes, skirts, jeans, books, wand . . . Is there anything else I need?  Bella thought to herself.

She stood in the room she shared with Nymphadora.  One side was painted pink (Nymphadora's side), and the other was all black -- even the furniture (Bella's side).  Posters of wanted witches and wizzards, chained and dead muggles, and bulky, metal chains covered her wall. 

Dora walked into the room, smiling away.  She was Mum's favorite now.  Cissy used to be, but last Wendsday mum was beating Bella, and Cissy had told Mum that she didn't think it was fair and that she ought to stop it.  She was only trying to protect her, but Bella paid for her idiodic courage later that night with a severe beating from Mum.

Bellatrix was currently wearing a long black cloak that covered the bruises all over her body.  Unfortunatley, she couldn't cover the ones on my face and Nymphadora laughed at her whenever she saw them. 

She tried to cover her face when Nymphadora walked in, but she'd spotted them anyway. 

"You know why she hates you so much, don't you?"

She didn't say anything.  She knew exactly why.

"Because you've got a butt-ugly face like Dad did," Nym sneered.

She still didn't say any of the nasty things she could've said.  If she had, she would've had to face Mum's wrath later.  Bella ignored her and finished packing her trunk.  Tomorrow she'd be boarding the Hogwarts express with Cissy and Nymphadora.  Nym was a year older than Bella and Cissy (who were fraternal twins). 

Bella didn't like how Cissy looked different from her.  What's the point in having the twin besides having someone who lookes exactly like you? 


The End

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