The Life and Lies of Bellatrix LestrangeMature

Every Harry Potter fan knows who Bellatrix Lestrange is . . . Cousin to Sirius Black, Death Eater, Sister to Narcissa Malfoy, Aunt to Draco Malfoy . . .
But do you REALLY know her?

I am Bellatrix Lestrange. 

I live with my Mum and my two sisters Narcissa and Nymphadora.  My father left my Mum and us when I was six and my Mum's been abusive ever since.  Especially to me, since I look more like him than Narcissa and Nymphadora do.  Perhaps Narcissa is my only friend in the world. 

I am eleven now and in Septermber I will go to Hogwarts and learn of magic because I am a witch.  In fact, every person in my family tree has been a witch or a wizard.  We call ourselves purebloods.  I am supposed to be proud of my ancestory.  But how can I be when everyone in my family except Cissy hates me?

The End

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